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The technology of insoluble geo-positioning that Domekey provides has multiple applications and services to contribute to the field of security, especially in critical sectors such as banking, critical infrastructures or blockchain applications.

In addition, the great ease of implementation in external systems and its great scalability, make it the best way to protect your most vital, critical and confidential connected services.

Safe place

We create the concept of Dome from which we can define a safe place that will be insuplantable, scanning the enviroment variables like WiFi networks

MFA 5 + 1

We analyze multiple physical and software environment metrics to determine if a user is in a dome or not.

Device compromised

As the user is the only one who knows the safe place, it protects confidential data even if the device has been compromised.


Total compatibility with other authentication methods, providing an extra layer of security.


Once the secure place is configured, domekey will allow you to access without any iteration with the user to your data or more confidential applications.

Fraud detection

Thanks to our application of machine learning technology we can get fraudulent access attempts.

PSD2 directive

Domekey meets the requirement of KNOWLEDGE, POSEESION and INHERENCE that the new normative demands, and will be required from 2018.


Our application of BIG DATA technologies make domekey the fastest, safest and most scalable authentication method.

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This video explains all the basics of DomeKey


Our Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that satisfy your needs.


less than 900 requests per month

$ 0

  • 1 Dome.
  • System implementation.
  • Support.
  • ad-hoc developments.


between 1.000.000 and 5.000.000 requests per month

$ 0,005

per request
  • Up to 15 Dome.
  • System implementation.
  • indefinite support.
  • ad-hoc developments.


negotiated license

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  • Multiple Domes.
  • System implementation.
  • indefinite support.
  • ad-hoc developments.

What Our Customers Says

  • "Use domekey to be able to make transfers of large quantities and at work to prevent access to other workers to confidential data without my presence. Makes me feel more secure and also warns me of any unauthorized access."

    - Josh C. Smith
    Responsible for systems security
  • "I have been able to verify that the applications that use domekey as an authentication method are not hackable with moderately innacessible dome."

    - Nathan Thorn
    System Administrator
  • "Domekey is the best tool for making sure that all my client's employees are in their place, making easier to detect and prevent information leaks"

    - Mehdi Park
    Security consultant

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